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11th July 2011



Last night I finished a 26.0 mi ride with a pace of 4’54”/mi and a time of 2:07:53 with Nike+ GPS. #nikeplus

It’s quite funny the lengths I’d go for a blunt

9th July 2011


Slow ride

I just finished a 39.8 mi ride with a pace of 4’31”/mi and a time of 3:00:04 with Nike+ GPS. #nikeplus

Riding yesterday riding up Sierra Highway I saw a roadie going up too. I could tell the dude was a serious rider by his thin physique and chiseled calves. Dude looked no more than a 120-30. So I approached this hill like I always do with a running start. I like doing this so I can spin easier up the hill. Starting slow makes me suffer longer. I ended up passing the dude up and starting off good. At the top of the apex for about 50 yards my speed gradually slowed down. I could see the dude creepin up from the back. He ended up passing me right before we passed the apex, effortlessly. I hope I see this cat again.

7th July 2011


Fuck it’s dark.

Ride last night
I just finished a 4.32 mi ride with a pace of 4’02”/mi and a time of 17:27 with Nike+ GPS. #nikeplus
I just finished a 27.7 mi ride with a pace of 4’40”/mi and a time of 2:09:31 with Nike+ GPS. #nikeplus

I have no problem biking the distance and terrain to the valley, but fuck it’s dark. Only during the evening do I have this feeling of uncertainty when cars are flying by me at 50mph. I’ll forever have this worry in my mind that is saying “I hope this motherfucker sees me, because I can hear their engine.” Equipped with 3 red lights and one PT reflector belt, I still feel as if I need more items for visibility. I could completely do away and avoid riding at night, but maybe part if this uncertainty is what fuels the drive in me. Oh, and it’s more comfortable too.

29th June 2011


La Tuna Canyon

I just finished a 25.8 (+ 3-4 more miles) mi ride with a time of 2:42:37 with Nike+ GPS. #nikeplus

Last night I met up with a few friends I haven’t rode with in a while. We rolled out 5 deep from poly high to la tuna canyon to montrose to Burbank and back. I was so stoked I forgot to turn on my Nike +GPS app. I remembered as we started to approach the climb. We took mad breaks and I didn’t pause the app during the breaks.

28th June 2011


Light bulb

I just finished a 40.6 mi ride with a time of 3:01:37 with Nike+ GPS. #nikeplus

When I cycle for an extended period of time I have lots of time to think about what’s going in my life, the world and practically anything in general. I have random thoughts too based on what I see while riding. Last night, I was thinking about how cool it would be to nip a rabbit on it’s tail with my front wheel. I wouldn’t want to hurt or kill the little critter, but just to know that I could accelerate quick enough to nip the tail end. No harm, no blood, no foul maybe catch a little fur. It’d probably never happen, but I’m sure as he’ll going to try at every opportunity.

27th June 2011


Down to the VALLEY.

I just finished a 21.7 mi bike ride with a time of 1:41:11 with Nike+ GPS. #nikeplus Hitched a ride back =P

23rd June 2011



Last night I just finished a 23.5 mi run with a time of 1:30:18 with Nike+ GPS. #nikeplus It can be found here:!/JosephKristian/status/83787896120815616

I used a package of Emgeren-C in my water bottle last night. Greatest idea, ever.

21st June 2011

Photo with 4 notes

Updated Bike Check
Cinelli Gazzetta
Nitto RB-018
EAI Cobra stem
Torelli Headset
SRAM Omnium Crank
Mavic Open Pro
Formula Hubs
DT Swiss competition spokes
Velo “Turbo” VEGAN

Updated Bike Check Cinelli Gazzetta Nitto RB-018 EAI Cobra stem Torelli Headset SRAM Omnium Crank Mavic Open Pro Formula Hubs DT Swiss competition spokes Velo “Turbo” VEGAN

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21st June 2011



Went for a ride last night. All my rides will be updated first via twitter.

"I just finished a 20.8 mi run with a time of 1:25:17 with Nike+ GPS. #nikeplus"!/JosephKristian/status/83058705301643264

I had to buy some CD-Rs and didnt want to drive, so biking there and some and back was my solution.

21st June 2011


New shit

So, I’ve decided that this upcoming summer that I’m going to take a different approach towards cycling. My daily commute to the San Fernando “Valley” is at least 20 miles one way, which isn’t very far at all, but 5 days a week that’s at a bare minimum of 200 miles a week..(not including weekends) This equals lots of miles on my car and about 70 US currency for transportation out of my pocket just hang out with friends and shoot the shit. So I have a dream: Bike to all my destinations during summer. I’m going to use my car as little as possible. Not only will I slow down the depreciation of my car and my hard earner cash, but I’ll be having a fucking great time doing it. Oh, I’ve also decided to document it. I will track every single ride I do via Nike+ GPS. This iPhone app allows me to track my routes, mileage and how fast or slow I ride. It’ll allow me to see how much I improve over the next few months.